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What to Do at the Mall Besides Shopping?

What to Do at the Mall Besides Shopping?

A lot of people now prefer the convenience of online shopping. But just because fewer customers go to retail stores to shop doesn’t mean nothing is going on at the mall.

Many shopping malls now offer a variety of attractions and services, so going to the mall with your friends or your family can become a fun experience, even if you don’t need to purchase anything.

Are you wondering what to do at the mall besides shopping? Here are a few examples of what you could find at your local mall.

1. Eat a delicious meal at the mall.

You are sure to never go hungry while spending time at the mall. No matter what your favourite meal is, you should be able to find a great restaurant that serves it.

You could also try delicious cuisine from Italy, India, or Japan, for example, or simply sit down with a hot cup of coffee and a pastry. Of course, many malls like Newmarket Shopping Plaza also feature grocery stores, big and small.

2. Watch a movie in a theatre mall.

Some malls include a movie theatre, so you can take a moment to relax by watching a movie on the big screen.

Mall movie theatres usually have comfortable reclining seats, and some present their movies in 3D. Of course, you will be able to buy popcorn and candy. Still, some movie theatres offer complete meals and alcoholic beverages, so your time at the movies will always be a unique experience.

3. Let your kids enjoy an indoor playground

If you take your kids with you to the mall, they might be excited to discover an indoor playground. They will be able to climb, slide, run, jump, and even make some new friends to play with.

Some big malls go further and have added roller coasters and other rides to their offerings, so shoppers can feel like visiting an amusement park while staying indoors and having access to stores and other entertainment options.

4. Play bowling or mini-golf at the mall.

Some malls feature bowling alleys as well as indoor mini-golf courses. Both adults and kids can enjoy playing, whether beginners or experts.

But if you think playing bowling and mini-golf is boring, think again. Some indoor mini-golf courses are designed to glow in the dark, and bowling alleys can feature live music, colourful light shows, restaurants, and bars.

5. Attend a live music concert at the mall.

Speaking of live music, some malls occasionally present live concerts and other events. The best part about it is that those events are usually free, so you could discover a local musician or enjoy seeing your favourite band while hanging out at the mall.

If your mall presents live events, you might want to follow them on social media to be aware of what is coming up, so you will never miss an exciting concert.

6. Get a makeover at the mall.

Your favourite shopping mall could be the perfect place for getting a beauty makeover. You could get a manicure and a pedicure at the nail salon. Get a new look at the hair salon or the barbershop. Or visit the makeup counter of a big store to get a pro to do your makeup.

If you are in the mood for some serious pampering, you could do all three. And why not invite some friends to come along so you can all get a makeover together?

7. Donate some items to charity

If your closet is full and you have a lot of things you never use in your home, you could bring them to the mall to donate them. Indeed, some malls feature thrift stores, such as the Salvation Army, which always accept donations.

So instead of going shopping to buy more clothes and more items you might not need, bring some items to the mall and donate them to an organization that helps people in need.

8. Bring your clothes to a professional cleaner

Most malls offer different services, which might include dry cleaning. If there is a professional cleaner at your mall, you could bring in some clothes to be cleaned or even repaired.

You could then enjoy a meal or a movie, run a few errands, and come back to get your clothes before going home.

9. Learn how to drive

Some malls might feature a driving school, so you can take driving lessons, or bring your teenage son or daughter so they can take lessons.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do at the mall, besides shopping. You can spend a day at the mall to get entertained or simply visit to benefit from services that will make a difference in your life.