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How to Get a Mosquito Out of Your Room

How to Get a Mosquito Out of Your Room

After getting home from a long, hard day at work, all most of us want to do is unwind and fall asleep. There will be several ways in which we can facilitate this process too. For instance, we can have tea alongside a good show on Netflix. Or, we may engage in some systematic yoga and meditation to help our bodies relax.

After reaching that ideal state, unfortunately, your room may be invaded by certain pests. Namely, mosquitoes may grow in their presence if the climate around them is just the right temperature. Not only is it an immense nuisance, but it can lead to harm if not dealt with.

As a result, use the following tips to eliminate those bugs within your room.

1. Close Entryways

It is a simple pest control solution that may not be thought of initially. Mosquitoes thrive in certain settings, especially when they have full access to certain spaces. Of course, if the windows in your room are fully open, they may intentionally be guided toward the room. In this situation, they will be able to thrive and grow.

Case in point shut all of your open entryways that involve the room! These areas can lead to easy access from the doors to the windows if action is not taken quickly.

It may be disheartening, even amid those hot, summery days. However, if the environment is ripe for mosquito presence, it is best to close your entryways.

2. Still Water Sources

On the other hand, mosquitoes may already be present in your home. Therefore, you must do some due diligence in finding their sweet spots for growth. One of the most common ways to locate these sources is centred on still water. Sources of still water, such as puddles, can be a big opening for mosquitoes to thrive.

Some still water puddles, such as near your backyard or windows, can be easily found. Others may be a bit more difficult to locate. For example, if an air conditioning unit is installed near your window, still water may result from condensation.

Clean these up as soon as they are spotted, and you will be put in a good spot.

3. Mosquito Eliminator Products

Sometimes, dealing with mosquitoes as they manifest will be tricky enough. In this regard, you must use a specific product to eliminate them immediately. Thankfully, mosquito killers come in various forms. No matter which product you use, you can rest assured that it will work.

Once mosquitoes have been spotted in the room, stay a couple of feet away. Then, spray the product until they have been eliminated. It may take a couple of solid sprays of the product to finish the job, but ensure you do not go overboard.

After they have been disposed of, sanitize and wipe down the targeted area.

4. Plants

Believe it or not, there is a certain advantage to putting up specific flora around your room. Namely, some plants act as a repellant in that they act as a preventative measure. The best types of plants to place in your room range broadly speaking, but they are all effective. Marigolds are the most common choice to go with her.

Or depending on your preferences, you may also place lemongrass or citronella in and around the premises. If enough of the plants are inside the room, mosquitoes will, more often than not, stay away.

As such, keep a few of your chosen plants in the room to reach an optimal effect.

5. Lemons And Cloves

Garlic cloves are not just effective when it comes to warding off vampires. When mixed a bit with lemons, the overall aroma is enough to stop mosquitoes from growing their presence. Place a few of these in the room to freshen up its smell and repel the pesky bugs.

6. Swatter

Similar in vein to the mosquito killer product, a physical swatter may also prove to be effective. As the name suggests, use the swapper to remove the mosquitoes once they are in your direct view. Then, clean the surrounding area with lemons and cloves to prevent their growth.

7. Soapy Water

While still, water traces can lead to an increase in mosquitoes, and soapy water does the opposite. Keeping trays of soapy dish water within the room prevents them from entering. It is almost seen as magical, but it is just that effective in hindsight!