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7 Most Common Ways Pests Can Infiltrate Your Home

7 Most Common Ways Pests Can Infiltrate Your Home

Now that the weather is a lot colder it’s not just people that prefer to spend time indoors, it’s all sorts of critters and pests too.

As the temperature drops below freezing your nice and warm home will start to look very attractive to the very things that you want to keep out. This can be very upsetting as you don’t want pests of any sort to gain entry into your home.

1. Doors

This might seem a little obvious but you need to keep your doors closed. At this time of year, insects will be ready to come in at a moment’s notice attracted by the light and the heat. All they need is a few seconds to get access to your home. It’s worth inspecting the seal around your doors to make sure that it is tight as well. If there are any gaps here, then pests will be able to sneak in easily.

2. Windows

The same applies to your windows. You need to make sure that the windows of your home are closed and fully sealed at all times.

3. The walls of your home

You should take a look at the walls of your home, both inside and out. The last thing that you want is to have an open hole to the outside world. This can go unnoticed for a long time as the insects and pests don’t actually come into your home, they just hang around in your insulation. This can be very bad in the long run as they can do all sorts of damage in there.

Not only are pests a problem, but moisture can get in here too and mould can form. If you notice any potential cracks in the outside of your home’s walls, you should get them fixed as soon as possible.

4. The Siding of your home

Gaps in the siding of your home are places that insects love to hang out. If the gap becomes large enough then anything can get into your home. You should call the experts if you are unsure of what you are looking for.

5. Dryer vents

The flaps on dryer vents and exhaust fans are there for a reason. If you notice that they are stuck open they need to be fixed. This can be an open door to all sorts of unwanted pests. If you are unsure of where your vents are. You should take a walk around your home and keep an eye out for them. Your kitchen and bathrooms will have them for sure so these may be higher up on the wall.

6. The foundations

You will need to inspect the foundation of your home wiki where it connects to the ground. This is where cracks can form. If you spot anything here this could be a sign that there is a structural problem with your home and you have more to worry about than some pests.

7. Things you bring into your home

A very common way for insects to enter your home is by hitching a ride on items that you bring in. Plants are a common vehicle for many insects but they can be brought in on anything. If you are bringing in a blanket that you had outside then you need to give it a proper shake. Camping equipment is a sure fire way to bring in a whole host of pests from the woods that you don’t want anywhere near you.