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5 Signs Your Home Is a Good Target for Thieves

5 Signs Your Home Is a Good Target for Thieves

What attracts thieves to a home?

Why would a thieve chose to break into one home and not another?

Well, thieves are clever people. They won’t just break into a home without prior knowledge on the best way to break in. Rarely do they pick a random house and decide to break in. There are chances your home has been a potential target by a thief and thought to be too difficult to break into. The reason you have not fallen prey to burglars is perhaps because they consider your home a hard nut to crack, or not worth the risk.

Thieves are not looking for the most difficult-to-break-into home. They are looking for a vulnerable home. They want to break in and get out without being caught. That’s why it’s so important to put in place the necessary security measures to deter thieves, including strong locks and a security system.

Let’s look at some of the telltale signs of a home that is yearning to be broken into.

1. Your Trash Says a Lot about What Is Inside

Thieves scrutinize what you throw out every week. The garbage you throw out every week is a sneak preview of what is in your home. For instance, the TV box you have just disposed of at the recycling bin tells a thief you have just bought a new big screen TV.

2. Your Social Media Footprint

Whatever you post on social media is public knowledge. A thief can easily know who you are by checking the address on your social media accounts. They don’t care about those beautiful pictures taken inside your home. The items in the background are what will make their faces light up. They will even make a mental note of exactly where they are in your home. Be careful when sharing photos taken in your home on social media.

3. You Don’t Lock Your Doors When Briefly Going Out

The few minutes you leave your door open could be enough time for a thief to get in, pick whatever they are looking for, and leave long before you return. It’s surprising how many people leave their doors open thinking; “I will just be away for a couple of minutes”. Well, those “couple of minutes” may be just what a thief needs to break into your house without really breaking in. Before they break in, they will monitor your movement to understand how long you leave your home unattended without locking the doors. Once they figure this out, they know exactly how long they have to get in and get out.

4. Your Home Does Not Have an Alarm System

This is an invitation for burglars to come in and take whatever they want. Make sure you have a good alarm system to keep off would-be intruders; and please don’t make it a secret you have an alarm system. Proudly announce the fact that your home is under 24-hour surveillance. Nothing deters a thief than knowing someone is watching or the possibility of an alarm going off.

5. Your First Floor Windows Are Extra Large

To you, this is great for fresh air and exceptional views. To a potential thief, the large windows provide easy entry into your house.

Thieves do their homework before picking a home to break into. First, they make sure it has something valuable to steal. Then they decide which among the targeted homes is easiest to break into. By understanding how the mind of a burglar works, you can avoid becoming their next target. With the right knowledge and measures, you can make sure your home is not on top of their list.