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5 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean in Winter

5 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean in Winter

Yes, we all want six more weeks of summer. In fact, scratch that, we want summer all year around. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen, and Old Man Winter will inevitably make his triumphant return and wreak havoc upon man.

Do you the one place he will cause the most amount of chaos? The office.

That’s right. Offices across the Great White North will be inflicted with the pain and agony of winter conditions. Everything from slush and mud to the salt and ice, offices everywhere will be impacted from the wrath of Mother Nature between November and March – maybe even April.

Of course, there are plenty of steps that you can take to ensure that your office is spotless. If you employ the right office cleaning measures, you will have a sanitary working environment.

Here are five tips to keep your office clean this winter:

1. Keep Those Lysol Wipes Handy

Let’s face it: despite the fact that people should wash their hands under hot water for at least 60 seconds, many of our peers fail to do this simple task, which means they’re touching everything with their dirty hands.

In addition, people will cough on everything, sneeze in the atmosphere, shake hands after eating a bag of chips and many other grotesque things.

What we are trying to say is that you must keep those Lysol wipes handy at all times. You should have them scattered all over the office: in the kitchen, on desks, in common areas and everywhere else that you would deem to be appropriate.

2. Does Your Office Have Great Air Quality?

One of the reasons why bacteria seems to affect every single area is because we don’t get enough air and indoor settings often maintain horrendous air quality standards.

Simply put: you must ensure that your office has excellent air quality. By doing this, you will allow a little bit of nature to enter the premises.

You also know what helps? Houseplants, golden pothos, ficus, peace lilies and English ivy.

3. A Mop and a Vacuum Walk Into an Office

Hardwood floors, carpeted walkways, tiles. It doesn’t matter. You need a mop and a vacuum.

A vacuum can nab all of those tiny germs that are lodged inside the minuscule fabrics in the carpet that causes everyone to sneeze and cough. A mop can ensure that people do not attract their disgusting mud and slush from the outside.

4. Shield Your Floors with Mats

As W.C. Fields would say, this weather is not fit for man or beast. When people return from the great outdoors, they will bring in the world with them.

A simple solution is to place mats in the most populated areas. For instance, a mat in the front entrance would be a prudent idea, while a mat in the kitchen entrance would also be wise.

5. Yes, You Need Professionals Sometimes

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just need a professional hand to clean up your mess.

It’s true. Professional cleaning services will employ the right instruments, utilize the correct methods and apply the enormous expertise to perform office cleaning tasks.

This is a sublime investment to make because a healthy and happy workforce is a productive workforce. Plus, you don’t necessarily need a daily cleaning service; weekly will suffice.

Winter is the worst season for offices. Poor air quality, bacteria, viruses and any other disgusting thing you can think of. Old Man Winter certainly likes to inflict anguish on mankind, particularly in the winter.

Don’t you worry, though. With the right precautionary measures and the best professional cleaning crew, you can have the cleanest office in the entire planet!