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3 Basic Guidelines for New Motorcycle Drivers

3 Basic Guidelines for New Motorcycle Drivers

When you have a motorcycle or are thinking of getting one, you also need to pay special attention to motorcycle gear. You will be riding your motorbike in all kinds of conditions. You need to be wearing the proper attire, keeping safety in mind.

While no one wants to be involved in an accident, the possibility will always be there and you should give yourself the best chance of surviving or reducing potential injuries. Let’s take a closer look at motorcycle gear to gain a better understanding, because it is just as important as the motorbike itself.

1. Rain

Since you will also be riding in the rain, you need to be attired appropriately. In instances like this, you should be dressed in a full-body suit that is waterproof. This will cover most of you, but you also need to wear waterproof gloves and boots. If your neck is exposed by any chance, you could wear a motorbike scarf or a neck tube so that the rain does not get in.

2. Helmets

Undoubtedly the most important consideration when riding a motorbike and when it comes to safety. Besides, legally, you must wear a motorcycle helmet in compliance with what the law states. In the event of an impact, the helmet must absorb as much of the impact while protecting your head, including being able to protect from penetration of projectiles. Generally, helmets will do a good job, including the visors, which will protect your eyes. Some of these visors go through testing that include having steel ball bearings fired at it at great speed.

With helmets, rather than being concerned with the price or the look, the number one consideration is the fit. You need to spend quite a while testing a helmet, which means you need to wear it and see if it rotates about when you force it with your hands, while keeping your head still.

It has to be a good, snug fit with very little or no movement, yet, it should not pinch you or put undue pressure in any spots. You need to consider shape and size – like a bra! This is why it is important to spend a lot of time testing the fit, as you may have it on for hours on end.

3. The Gloves

The gloves are arguably the next most important motorbike gear simply because of human nature. Think about this for a second. Whenever we fall, we inevitably, or instinctively use our hands to catch or break the fall. So, it could be likely that the first thing to touch down may be your hands. Only choose brands that specialize in motorbike gear. This way, you will get the proper gloves as well as protection from abrasion as well as impact. One tip regarding gloves; some gloves appear to have protection for the top of your hands and knuckles, but look for ones that also offer protection for the palms.

Some other things you should consider are earplugs, tinted visors for protecting your eyes (this can be more effective than sunglasses) and jackets, pants and suits. These can be quite expensive, but depending on your needs, especially if you ride a lot and for long periods, they are worth every penny. When shopping, always have safety first in mind, that way, you will make a better decision.