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Why Does My Vape Taste Bad?

Why Does My Vape Taste Bad?

Vaping is enjoyable, but not when your vape suddenly starts to taste bad. Have you ever been surprised by a nasty dry hit that made you cough? Or perhaps you have encountered a burnt or musty taste or a random metallic or plastic one that left you wondering, “Why does my vape taste bad?”

Here are a few reasons that might explain this bad taste, so you can hopefully solve this annoying problem.

1. You might need to clean up your device

A strange or disgusting taste while vaping could indicate that it has been too long since you have performed some maintenance on your vaping device. If you haven’t washed your mouthpiece in a while, for example, flavours from past vaping sessions could be mixed with the flavour of the e-juice you are now using.

You should also think about replacing your coils or your wick regularly. Buildups on these parts of your device could result in a burnt or strange taste. If you are somebody who doesn’t like wasting time to maintain your device, consider using disposable vapes instead. These models allow you to vape quickly without ongoing maintenance. You can focus on the best parts of the vaping experience without any hassle.

2. There might be a problem with your device’s coils

The coils of your vaping device will, unfortunately, not last forever. Coils heat up every time you press the button of your e-cigarette, which means that they will eventually burn out and leave a nasty burnt taste in your mouth.

Damaged coils can also react with some ingredients in your e-liquid to create an unpleasant acidic taste.

To solve or prevent these issues, replace your device’s coils regularly.

3. Your wick might be worn out or packed too tightly

A wick made from cheap materials can affect the flavour of the e-juice you are vaping. But your device’s wick can also make your vape taste bad if it’s worn out, packed too tightly, dry, displaced, or oversaturated.

On the other hand, if the wick is not saturated, it could result in a dry hit. This is why it’s important to prime your new wick whenever you install a new coil head. Be sure to put some e-liquid on the wick and the coil, and let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes before you start vaping.

4. Your device’s ventilation holes might be blocked

Have you ever noticed some tiny ventilation holes in your vaping device? These holes allow some air to flow through your device, making it more effective.

But if these ventilation holes are blocked, poor air circulation could give your e-juice a damp and musty taste, which is something you want to avoid. If the holes are blocked, clean them.

5. Your e-liquid might be wrong for your device

If you are a vaping beginner, you might not know that you need to use an e-liquid suited to your vaping device. It all comes down to choosing the right PG/VG ratio.

If you have a small coil head and low wattage device, you will need more PG in your e-liquid. Using a powerful device with a bigger coil head, your e-liquid should contain more VG.

If your e-juice is too thick or not thick enough for your device, this could explain the bad taste in your mouth when you vape.

6. You might have mixed two flavours of e-liquid

It’s not a good idea to mix two flavours of e-liquid unless you are certain that their flavours are complementary.

But if you don’t clean your device’s tank before trying a new flavour, you might be mixing the two flavours unintentionally and creating an awful taste. Just a few residues left in the bottom of the tank could be enough to ruin your vaping experience.

7. You might be vaping at a high wattage level

If you have been vaping at a wattage level higher than recommended, it could explain the bad taste you have experienced. Your wick might be burnt or drying too quickly because of the heat.

Plus, using high wattage levels could eventually damage your coils and vaping device, so it’s best to be careful.

8. Chain vaping might affect the taste of your vape

Chain vaping can be responsible for weird tastes. When you puff and puff without ever giving a break to your device, its wick will dry, and you could experience dry hits and awful cotton or plastic tastes.

Slow down, and give your wick some time to soak the e-liquid before puffing again. This will be better not only for your taste buds but also for the coils of your device.

9. Perhaps you simply got vaper’s tongue

If nothing seems wrong with your device or e-juice, perhaps you got the vaper’s tongue. This happens when you vape the same flavour of e-liquid for so long and so often that your tongue loses the ability to taste it properly.

To solve this problem, give your taste buds a break. You might want to try a different, lighter flavour or some e-liquid with no flavour until your taste returns to normal.