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Don’t Be A Drip: 7 Common Reasons to Call a Plumber

Don’t Be A Drip: 7 Common Reasons to Call a Plumber

So, something has gone wacky in your plumbing and you’re thinking of fixing it yourself? We’ve all seen the movie scene of the overzealous homeowner trying to fix the kitchen sink. They get in there with the wrench and everything is going fine until all of a sudden there is water everywhere. Watching it happen to someone else can be hilarious, but trying to fix plumbing problems yourself can be exhausting, messy and even dangerous. Don’t mess around with your plumbing. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s time to call in a plumber.

Here are some of the most common reasons you should call in a professional plumber:

1. Taking Care of Business

Even if you aren’t experiencing any problems, you should be calling in a plumber just to take a look at things every now and again to make sure everything is running smoothly and will continue to do so. Think of it as a check-up for your plumbing that will help to avoid expensive repairs down the road. Generally, once every year or so will help keep your pipes and systems in tip-top shape and stop small problems from turning into major disasters.

2. When Your Flow Slows

Low water pressure can be caused by blockages in the pipes, water not being sufficiently supplied to your location, or other issues with the pipes. You could fiddle around for hours trying to figure out what has gone wrong and possibly even make matters worse while you’re at it. Your plumber is familiar with these problems and will be able to locate and find a way to fix your water pressure quickly and efficiently.

3. Drip, Drip, Drip

If your faucet keeps dripping when you’ve turned it off, you might have a leaky seal that needs taken care of. Regardless of the type of faucet you have, there is a seal that helps hold back the water when your tap is off. Over time, these will need replacing or repairing. A professional can ensure the job is done correctly with the right pieces and put an end to that annoying drip that’s probably been driving your water bill higher and higher.

4. Leaky Pipes

Don’t try to tackle fixing leaky pipes yourself. Digging up old pipes can be dangerous because you could hit something else by accident. You could damage the already fragile pipes more while trying to fix them, or you could misinterpret the work that needs to be done. Your plumber will be able to take the right measures in fixing or replacing old and leaky pipes.

5. Change of Scenery

If you’ve bought new appliances, or need parts of your plumbing system replaced, you should have a professional take care of it. They will make sure your new pieces are installed properly. Doing it yourself could end up with you wrecking your new piece of equipment and end up costing you even more than anticipated.

6. All Clogged Up

Call up your plumber if your pipes are backed up and the plunger just isn’t cutting it. These types of sewage issues can be caused by blockages much further down the line than any plunger could service. It can also be caused by natural factors like tree roots.

7. Frozen Solid

When winter rolls around, frozen pipes are common. This can be dangerous because it can cause the pipes to burst. Don’t risk the extra damage you could cause trying to thaw your pipes out yourself. Call in the pros who can take care of it while avoiding any further damage to your property.

These are just a handful of the many problems you could experience with your plumbing. Even if you think you know what you’re doing, undertaking more advanced plumbing work can be dangerous and have expensive consequences. Don’t make that mistake, call a plumber.