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8 Ways to Boost Productivity and Avoid Distractions at Work

8 Ways to Boost Productivity and Avoid Distractions at Work

A productive workforce will help to advance a company’s goals. Everyone works as one cohesive unit in order to fulfill the objectives as necessary. However, distractions at work are bound to crop up one way or another.

The magnitude of these disruptions can vary, but can still prevent work from getting done. As such, you’ll need to take the proper steps to reduce their overall impact. If the distractions at work are becoming a problem within your general work environment, you need to moderate their influence.

The following are eight ways to boost productivity and avoid distractions at work:

1. Make your work schedule public

Once you are zoned in on your workplace tasks, it may become slightly annoying when others constantly try to converse with you. These distractions at work often occur because others are unaware of your work schedule and assume you have time to socialize.

To minimize this, politely let these individuals know that you are working. Make this sentiment known to the workplace, and third parties will acknowledge it. If your business uses a workforce management and scheduling program, this is an effective way to let others know when you are busy and when you will have free time. Your coworkers will be considerate of your schedule, thus minimizing the amount of distractions at work.

2. Limit online distractions at work

In the age of social media, distractions at work have never been more prevalent. If you are an active person on social media platforms, you may be more distracted than you initially believe. Therefore, you need to consciously become aware of this, before working to mitigate its hampering effect on your workplace tasks.

Try to limit yourself to a short break before work, where you can enjoy your social media platforms. Afterwards, forcefully put your smartphone away and avoid exploration on your computer as well. This will inevitably build your ability to focus on your assignments, without being distracted every thirty seconds. Save your Instagram “likes” for later!

3. Clean your work space

Cluttered work environments are unsightly at best. At worst, they cause one’s anxiety to rise, because of its disaster-like appearance. This influences your concentration; you will more than likely be focused on the mess, instead of your workplace obligations.

To fix this, simply clean up the areas that are in disorder; a minimalist-like workspace can actually increase productivity!

4. Build your focus

Even the best of us are prone to being distracted every now and again. To remediate this issue, especially if it persists, try to discover ways to build your attention muscle.

Activities such as meditation help to foster a positive state of mind, and will allow you to concentrate on the matters that are actually important. When the mind is clear, the workflow inevitably follows!

5. Listen to music at work

The right music can not only reduce distractions at work, but contribute to an amplified productivity. With the right music, you’ll be able to focus on your work obligations without fail. Just make sure the volume isn’t too loud, or you’ll only add to your attention being diverted.

We’re all human at the end of the day. Distractions are an inevitable part of our life, but can only significantly impact us if we let them. Be aware of these disruptions, and do your best to work around them!

6. Get enough sleep before work

Sometimes, the distractions at work originate from outside the office. The reasons for you being distracted may have to do with what is going on at home. For example, if you feel sleepy at work, you are more inclined to get distracted, even by the littlest of inconveniences.

Always try to get at least eight hours of sleep each day. This is pivotal, especially when trying to perform at your best at the company. Sleep is the most natural way of revitalizing the body and mind with the energy it needs to operate. Your best work will most likely never come from a poor night’s worth of shut-eye!

7. Eat healthy foods

In addition to getting a good amount of sleep each night, you’ll also have to take a look at your diet. If you are consuming relatively unhealthy choices, it may be time to switch things up. Once this is done, you will feel less prone to concentrating on things other than your workplace responsibilities.

Try to avoid the sugary cravings you will inevitably have when that mid-afternoon crash approaches. Eat foods that are filled with complex carbohydrates and protein, in addition to being calorie-rich. This will prevent random hunger strikes from manifesting. By getting in the right food choices, you will be able to effectively focus on the tasks at hand.

8. Go for a walk

If meditation is something that you are not keen on building on a consistent basis, moving in some capacity will definitely help. Should you find yourself being constantly distracted while at work, get up and go for a short walk. This will allow you to collect your thoughts, while getting your body to move.

Studies have shown that the more active you get, even if it is minimal, the more you will be able to have a sound mind. Mental activity is directly correlated to physical exertion, which invariably leads to a more focused, attentive state of mind. Go for a stroll to the office kitchen, and grab a healthy snack if you need to!