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7 Perks You’ll Enjoy About Electric Bikes

7 Perks You’ll Enjoy About Electric Bikes

For a few years now electric bikes have been growing in popularity. It is easy to see why too, the ease of getting around a congested downtown core of a big city without the hassle of having to exercise can make even the most active person interested.

Anyone who commutes to work on a regular old-fashioned pedal bike knows the struggle of going just fast enough to get to work on time, but without working hard enough to work up a sweat. Electric bikes eliminate that concern so that you can arrive at work feeling as fresh as you did when you stepped out of the shower.

1. You can travel for longer and faster

You will still have to put some effort in of course, however electric bikes allow you to take the sting out of riding a bike a long distance. With an electric bike, you will be able to go on rides that are much longer than you are used to.

2. You’ll use it more than a regular bike

Many people who have made the switch to an electric bike often say that they prefer using it so much that they are more inclined to go for a ride for fun way more often than the used to. This is because electric bike bring the fun back into cycling and you are not left feeling drained after a hard hour or two’s peddling.

3. You will still get some exercise

Now that you are riding more, you will be peddling more too. Even if the electric motor is helping you out now and again. Think of it as interval training if you like. You will be shocked how many extra calories you burn now that you know you can take a break in the peddling and still get to the destination on time.

More exercise means a healthier heart and cardiovascular system. An electric bike is perfect for someone who is looking to get healthy but doesn’t quite have the stamina yet to maintain the level of exercise you would need to ride a normal bike.

4. You’ll save money

Not only is an electric bike cheaper than the maintenance that you regularly need to perform on a car, you are also benefiting from not having to take public transport every day. As prices continue to increase on gas and the bus fare your new electric bike will pay for itself in no time at all.

5. They are built for the commute to work

You are able to enjoy the open road and use cycling lanes without the added effort of riding a human powered bike. The best part is that you can rely on the motor to get you to work without being drenched in sweat.

6. They are safer than regular bikes

A lot of bicycle accidents are caused at junctions when as a regular bike takes a few seconds to get up to speed. Having a motor to help you get off to a flying start can get you out of the most dangerous parts of your commute faster. You will also be less reluctant to slow down as you know that you can lean on the motor to pick up speed again. This reluctance for a cyclist to slow down can also be the cause of a lot of accidents.

7. They’re fun to ride

It’s just like a regular bike, but with a little bit of power to help get you going. Once you have made the switch there is no going back to a regular bike as you won’t be able to capture that feeling of cruising effortlessly around town again.