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6 Hair Care Tips for Blondes

6 Hair Care Tips for Blondes

Let’s face it, blonde is such an attractive hair colour and those of you who have been blessed with blonde hair must know how lucky you are! Many people who are not naturally blonde can also colour their hair to look blonde. However, being blonde also means you have to take more care of it to look that way.

Did you know that natural blondes also have more hair on their head in general? It’s true, they have a greater number of hairs on their head than any other person, so it’s really important to look after it. You certainly don’t want it drying out and getting brittle or losing colour and looking brassy. Here are some hair tips for blondes, natural or otherwise to help you keep your hair looking great!

1. Regular Deep Conditioning

When you bleach your hair to get that gorgeous blonde colour, you need to make sure that it does not dry out. Bleaching hair will strip it of all its natural oils which is of course, not a good thing. To counter this, you need to do regular deep conditioning, otherwise your hair is going to have a really weird colour!

2. UV Rays

You need to protect your blonde hair from the sun. The UV rays can not only dry your hair out, but it can also alter the colour, which is not something you want! Try using a special spray that will give your hair protection from UV rays. You obviously will know that certain days will be particularly hot and sunny, especially in the summer. You will also know what your plans are for those given days. If you know that you are going to be in the sun for extended periods, wear a hat or cap.

3. Washing Too Often

Do not wash your hair too often. Some people shampoo their hair everyday and you should try to refrain from doing so. Not only will it dry your hair out but it can cause frizz. If you want to shampoo more, every couple of days should be enough to keep it clean. Besides, you can use a dry shampoo, which is actually great for those with blonde hair, since it can help to lighten dark roots.

4. The T-Shirt Trick

You may think this is crazy if you’ve never heard of it, but try drying your hair with a t-shirt, not a towel. Hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. A towel can actually cause more friction and damage. Use a cotton t-shirt instead. This can also help to tame that frizz. Once you pat your hair dry with a cotton t-shirt, let it air dry completely.

5. Trim Regularly

Blonde hair needs to be trimmed regularly to help keep split ends away. This is because damaged hair and split ends tend to be more visible with blonde hair and blonde hair is also more susceptible to breakage. Visiting the hair salon regularly will help to keep it nice and neat.

6. Use A Good Hair Oil

To keep your hair soft, shiny and healthy-looking, use a good hair oil. This helps replace moisture and calm the frizz. Your hair will be well-conditioned if you do this.

Use the right type of shampoo and don’t use too much heat on bleached blonde hair. If you like to swim, wet your hair first before entering the pool. Doing a few simple things will keep your hair looking stunning!