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5 Benefits of Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

5 Benefits of Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

Making the decision to immigrate to a new country can bring stress, confusion and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, all before you even begin the application process. If you are applying to immigrate to Canada, there are many different options and pathways that you can pursue.

For example, young professionals can enter through Express Entry, or those with family members already in Canada could enter through a sponsorship program. You will have to determine which pathway is most tailored to your experience, education, and current family situation. These are the decisions that you need to take prior to applying, once you begin the application process, a whole new set of decisions and steps arise.

There is no doubt that this process is stressful and confusing, which is why many consider hiring an immigration lawyer to help navigate the process from start to finish. The following are some of the top benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer.

1. Lower uncertainty

The uncertainty that occurs during the immigration process begins from determining which pathway of immigration is best suited for you, the application process itself, and landing in Canada.

An immigration lawyer can greatly lower your uncertainty about each stage of the process. They will have the answers to your questions about the process and about life in Canada. Though an immigration lawyer cannot guarantee your acceptance into Canada, they can help you create a detailed, thorough application which follows all requirements.

2. All details are double checked

With the high volume of applications that the Canadian Government receives daily, they do not have time to provide a thorough explanation of why your application was rejected or delayed. In most cases, it is the details or lack of clarity that causes an application to be rejected.

The smallest mistake which creates a discrepancy can cause the immigration officer to decline or delay your application. An immigration lawyer will go over all aspects of your application and ensure that all details are correct. This expert opinion can help increase the chances of your application being approved and reduce the processing time.

3. Valuable experience

One of the greatest benefit that an immigration lawyer brings is its experience in dealing with similar cases and the immigration system. There are many requirements and steps that must be met during each application. The immigration lawyer can help you navigate the application process with experienced advice.

This experience also allows them to answer any question you may have by relating to previous cases and knowledge of immigration law in Canada.

4. Help determine your immigration pathway

As mentioned, there are many different types of pathways you may be eligible for the immigration process. An immigration lawyer can help determine which pathway is best suited for you and will help you obtain all requirements for the pathway chosen.

For example, if you meet the requirements of the Express Entry option, an immigration lawyer will give you information about all the documents you will need to submit, how to obtain these documents, and will provide any advice that may further your application.

5. Continue to advise you on your new country

Not only is the application process difficult, but once you have arrived in Canada there are many other things that need to be completed in order to finalize your immigration and get you settled in. An immigration lawyer can provide all information about how to complete these processes and advise you on local immigrant support groups, or information about how to apply for jobs, look for a home and begin your life in Canada.