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4 Wedding Survival Tips to Make Your Life Easier

4 Wedding Survival Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Planning a wedding is an enjoyable and exhilarating experience. However, without careful planning, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed with the many different aspects of wedding planning. It’s crucial to avoid letting your desire for a unique wedding cause you to lose perspective and overwhelm yourself with work. Check out these four wedding planning tips that will make your life easier.

1. Hire Help Strategically

It’s easy to want to control every aspect of your wedding, but this is a recipe for disaster. Weddings are enormous productions with tons of work involved. If you want things done at a high level, you can’t do everything yourself. While you may not have the budget for a professional wedding, you can make the most of your resources by hiring professional help in specific areas.

Start by asking yourself what areas of the wedding you can handle. If you’re good with computers, you can handle the organization, correspondence, and other electronic details. If you’re an artistic person, you can involve yourself with the decorating. For all the other areas outside your strengths, do yourself a favor and get a professional to help.

2. Don’t Force Yourself To Be Unique

Despite your best efforts, there’s a good chance that your wedding isn’t going to be that unique. While creating a memorable experience is important, you don’t have to go all out to create a “Disney” type wedding. You don’t need to worry about creating novel symbols for your invitations, special decorations, importing unique food or anything else that’s going to drain your time and energy.

Another area where brides get themselves in trouble is focusing way too much on their dress. As long as your dress is properly fitted and within your budget, you’ll be fine. Letting dress shopping drag on and on interferes with planning the rest of your wedding.

3. Leave The Flowers To The Professionals

Hiring a wedding florist is an excellent investment. Trying to pick out flowers on your own is never as simple as it seems. If you leave the flowers up to the venue, you can expect a hefty surcharge. Wedding florists can help design the flower layout for your ceremony and reception at a reasonable price.

Another reason to hire professionals is that transporting flowers is quite difficult. Without a professional touch, flowers will arrive at the venue damaged and lackluster. Wedding florists have access to a wide selection of fresh, high-quality flowers that are excellent for events. They also use huge coolers for transportation to ensure your flowers don’t lose any of their visual appeals.

4. Make A Global Checklist

Working from a single, global checklist will make your life extremely easier. Get everyone who’s involved with planning your wedding working from the same document. You can use Google Docs, Trello or any other organization program to keep everyone on the same page. Make sure your checklist will sync to your phone so that you can get updates in real time.

Another good way to stay organized is to create a new email address just for your wedding. It’s easy for messages to get lost when they enter the clutter of your regular inbox. Having a separate address creates a central point of contact which reduces confusion.

All in all, planning a wedding is a lot easier if you stop and take advantage of the tools designed to make your life easier. Don’t be afraid to accept help your family and friends. Getting people to help you with the areas you’re not good at will reduce the stress of wedding planning.