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4 Lawn Care Methods to Rejuvenate Your Yard

4 Lawn Care Methods to Rejuvenate Your Yard

After a long winter, it’s important to give your yard some help with recovering. Getting a head start on lawn care makes it easier for you to maintain and enjoy a healthy lawn. Prepping your lawn after winter takes a bit of work however it’s well worth your time. A well-maintained lawn improves the overall value and appearance of your home while adding some extra square footage to your living area. Check out these four suggestions that will help you rejuvenate your yard after a long winter!

1. Take The Time To Upgrade Your Tools

Having the right tools on hand makes the job significantly easier. Using the right tools helps protect important body parts like your hands and back while creating less hard work for you. The first item to check is your gardening gloves. Make sure they don’t have any holes and can still protect your hands. You can also wear lotion on your hands before putting your gloves on for extra protection.

Another important tool to have is a wheelbarrow. Using a wheelbarrow will save your back if you have to haul a bunch of soil or gravel for your renovations. You should also ensure your tools like hand pruners and tree saws are sharp and ready to go. Using dull tools creates more work and makes it easier to injure yourself.

2. Start With A Thorough Raking

Raking is the best way to prep your garden after a long winter. Use your rake to remove plant debris, leaves and unusable fruits and vegetables. It’s a good idea to invest in some disposable yard trash bags to store all the old stems and branches that you rake up.

If you have a compost bin, you can add all the stuff you raked up to your composite. You can also use the grass clippings from your lawnmower to supplement your compost. Removing all the fallen leaves from your lawn is an excellent way to keep your grass healthy. Fallen leaves often harbor diseases, which can spread and infect the rest of your lawn. Getting a head start on raking ensures your grass and perennials are safe from damage.

3. Trim Your Trees And Shrubs

Trimming is an excellent way to reinvigorate the shrubs and trees you have in your yard. When trimming, use pruning shears to cut away the dead branches. You can also get rid of any overly dry branches you see. You may need to use loppers for medium-sized branches, or even a pruning saw if your tree has really thick branches.

If you have any shrubs like azaleas or rhododendrons, it’s safe for you to prune them once it starts to get nice out. This is a good way to keep them healthy and under control. Use a ladder for the hard to reach areas to keep the extra growth under control.

4. Consider Getting A Lawn Service To Help

Getting your lawn ready is a lot of work, and there’s no shame in getting help. Unless you’re a hardcore gardener, you’re likely to make some mistakes when it comes to taking care of your lawn. Adding a professional touch to your lawn care will help you avoid common issues.

Taking care of your lawn is also labor intensive. It’s tough to go all out after spending most of your time at work and taking care of your family. Hiring a lawn service for the large parts of your lawn care is an excellent way to preserve your energy. You can get a lawn service to handle all the problematic areas of your lawn at a professional level.