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4 Creative Ways to Use Business Packaging

4 Creative Ways to Use Business Packaging

The packaging that your product comes in is often your only opportunity to relate to your customers and effectively get your point across regarding why they need to purchase what you are selling.

Since you will only get one shot at this, you want to do this successfully and if you choose packaging that is drab and plain, your product may not even get noticed at all.

Some companies may have the mentality that the packaging they choose for their items is inconsequential as long as their products are high quality and the packaging keeps it safe. However, the packaging that you choose often makes or breaks a sale. Below are 4 ways using creative packaging will positively impact your business.

1. Grabs interest

No matter how great your product is, it will not be purchased if no one notices it. Whether you sell your items online or in stores, it needs to grab the attention of consumers whether it is shown on screen or it sits on shelves. Packaging with a good colour and attractive design will be enticing to customers and can often be the difference in them buying your product or a similar one from a competitor.

While it is a common saying that one should never judge a book by its cover, the reality is most people do this, so you want to make your packaging, or cover, is as appealing as possible.

2. Builds your brand

The packaging may be your only opportunity to convey your identity to a customer and this should be taken advantage of. Not only does the packaging that a company uses identify the item that it encloses, it reflects ideals and values of the company. As a result, you want your packaging to be elegant, powerful, and strong. Packing that resonates with a customer will be remembered by them and you can often count on their continued business, resulting in increased profits.

Many companies have been successful in creating an image through the packaging they use, allowing customers to recognize them from far and near. This has proven to be successful as businesses who have been able to establish themselves through their packaging have reported a 30 percent increase in consumer interest.

3. Uniqueness

With the market being flooded with products similar in nature, it is crucial that a company separates and distinguishes themselves as the best choice. The packaging company that you choose for your products allows you to do this, as you are able to choose a colour and design that is vastly different than your competitors. This will allow customers to identify your product easier from the sea of different ones on the market.

While you prefer your products to stand alone from similar products produced by other companies, this does not always occur and chances are your items will be displayed with these other products. As a result, you want your packaging to be elegant but different, allowing potential customers to see your product, know what it is almost instantly, and select it for purchase.

4. Communication

Most products on the market have packaging that talks to potential customers and attempts to entice them to make a purchase. Yours needs to be the same to be competitive yet it is beneficial to find ways to stand out nonetheless. While the sky is the limit regarding how unique you can be with your packaging, having your logo and information that will encourage customers to buy your product instead of a competitor’s is crucial.

Packaging should be easy to read and send a clear message to customers regarding why it should be purchased. It is estimated that approximately 40 percent of customers will share a product on social media if it looks interesting or unique. Therefore, creative packaging has a better chance of being shared, raising awareness of your product and encouraging others to buy it too.