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How to Grill Fish on a Gas Grill Easily

How to Grill Fish on a Gas Grill Easily

No matter the time of the year, there will always be a time for good food. Each result will be tasty, from grabbing a bite with your friends at a local restaurant to grilling meat on a grill. Regarding the latter, it may be time to pull the old gas grill out from your garage. Why not try out some fish if you wonder what should be cooked?

Since many types of fish are available, you will have a ton of fun cooking each type. This sentiment goes double for those using a gas grill to create a perfectly-cooked meal. However, it is important to know that there are different ways of preparing the fish before serving it.

Here are the best tips on how to grill fish on a gas grill:

Tip #1: Choose the fish

As mentioned, an assortment of seafood products can be cooked on your gas grill. Instead of just going with your typical choices in salmon, why not explore your immediate options? Using a gas barbecue means you will have several equally delectable meals to prepare.

One of the most popular types of fish on the market is cod. Halibut is a close second and can be cooked perfectly with the right technique. If you want to go the extra mile, you may be inclined to cook multiple types of fish simultaneously. Just be sure to have a large enough gas grill to do this.

Tip #2: Configure the grill

That previous sentiment goes double for those who want to simultaneously cook large batches of seafood. To do that effectively, you must ensure your gas grill is tuned to your preferences. For starters, your gas grill should account for more real estate. The grill area should be large enough to hold a big batch of food items.

Then, you may also want to consider how gas runs through the grill. For mobility’s sake, including a gas canister on your grill could be ideal. Or, if you do not need to move the grill around, you may decide to run a line from your home to your grill. Fuel can easily move through this line if you run with it.

Tip #3: Prep the fish

Fish is a bit atypical when it comes to cooking on a grill. That is because there is a bit more finesse required, as opposed to other meat products, such as steak or chicken breast. Once you begin the process, allow your chosen fish to sit for five to ten minutes. You must allow the fish to acclimate to room temperature at the onset.

You may also want to wash the fish and cut out the non-edible parts, leaving you with good ones. Then, applying some oil in a modest amount to your fish will be required. While cooking it on a gas grill may be simple, you must consider other areas. By doing this methodically, your fish will be grilled perfectly.

Tip #4: Season the fish

To truly get the most out of your chosen cuts of fish, you should also consider using different seasonings. Seasoning may be one of the most overlooked areas of grilling in terms of overall importance. So, choose a couple of your favourite spices, and sprinkle a delicate amount on both sides of the cut.

Since you will be grilling both sides, you must ensure an equal amount has been used comprehensively. If you feel you haven’t used enough seasoning, it is best to leave it alone for now. You can always add in more down the line before serving.

Tip #5: Grilling techniques

Now comes the fun part when using your gas grill to its maximum potential. Start by grilling each side of the fish for at least eight to ten minutes. Then, once both sides are cooked, allow an extra two to three minutes of grilling. At this stage, you should also add some sauces for marinating them if you choose.

Tip #6: Rest the fish

While it may seem obvious, you should not immediately serve the fish as soon as it is off the grill. Rather, let the seafood rest for a few minutes. This will let all the flavours settle in with the charred nature of the meat.

Tip #7: Serve the fish

Fish should always be served with complementary food items, such as vegetables and beverages. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that you have done a good job. Gas grilling is not hard; you must be meticulous with your technique!