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8 Situations Where You Need A Commercial Lawyer

8 Situations Where You Need A Commercial Lawyer

As the owner of a business, you are working hard to improve your bottom line and to operate as effectively as possible. But who can help you protect your business if something goes wrong? Here are 8 situations where you should have a commercial lawyer on your side.

1. You want to buy or to sell a business

Selling your business or buying a new business isn’t always as easy as it might sound. If something about the transaction is unclear, or if you feel like you need some legal advice, be sure to speak with your commercial lawyer before you proceed.

2. Someone is suing your business

If someone, or another business, is suing your business, you need to be able to defend yourself properly. You should not go to court on your own. An experienced commercial lawyer will be able to help you investigate the situation, and will present you with your different options.

3. You are thinking about filing a lawsuit

A commercial lawyer will also be there to help you if you are the one who is thinking about suing someone, or another business. If someone has violated your copyright, or committed infractions against your business, your commercial lawyer will guide you through the legal process.

4. One of your employees has breached their contract

If one of your employees has breached their contract, for example, by quitting before their time was up, you will need the valuable help and advice of a commercial litigation lawyer to help you resolve the situation in a satisfying and timely manner. A lawyer will also be helpful if you are the one who breached a contract.

5. An employee is trying to retaliate against you

If someone who used to work for you is making false accusations about your business, by pretending you have done something unlawful, you will need the help of a commercial lawyer if you want to be able to prove that they are only trying to retaliate against you.

6. You are involved in a debt recovery situation

If your business is in debt, or if another business owes you a lot of money, you might need some help to protect your best interests during this debt recovery situation. You will be glad to have an experienced and knowledgeable commercial lawyer on your side during this process.

7. Your business is involved in a government investigation

There are different reasons why the government might want to investigate your business. If this happens, a commercial lawyer will help you understand the situation and its possible consequences on your business as you have to deal with paperwork, deadlines, and complex procedures.

8. You have to deal with an environmental issue

If your business has been violating the environment, it could end up costing you a lot of money. An experienced commercial lawyer will analyze the situation with you, and will recommend you the best solution to resolve the issue in a cost-effective manner.