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8 Signs You Seriously Need a New Printer

8 Signs You Seriously Need a New Printer

Business printers are convenient, except when you start having problems with them. As the owner of a small or medium sized business, you know that you will eventually need to replace your business printer. Here are 8 signs that mean it’s time for you to start shopping.

1. Your business printer doesn’t print as well as it used to

If you notice ink blotches, streaks or crooked text on all the documents you print, or if you get faint print even if you have just replaced the cartridge with a brand new one, this is a sign that something is wrong with your business printer.

2. It takes forever for your business printer to print out a simple document

The newest models of business printers are faster than the older ones. However, if it seems to take forever for your printer to print out a single page, it might be time to upgrade it. Your time is valuable, and you don’t have to waste it with an slow business printer.

3. It’s impossible for you to find the right ink or toner cartridges

If it’s difficult, or even impossible for you to find the ink or toner cartridges your business printer needs, you should start searching for a newer model. Even if your printer is still meeting your needs, it will not be helpful anymore with no ink or toner.

4. Your printer needs to be serviced too often

If you need to schedule service for your business printer at least once or twice every month, you are spending money on something that is slowly falling apart. Do yourself a favour, and buy a new printer. You will end up saving a lot of money.

5. You are hearing strange noises each time you print something

Are you hearing strange noises each time you use your business printer? This is probably a sign that some parts are loose inside it. Don’t expect those grinding or clicking noises to go away, as the situation will certainly get worse over time.

6. Your employees are always having problems with your printer

If your employees keep complaining that your business printer is difficult to use, it’s probably a sign that you should get a new one. Business printers are supposed to help everyone at the office be more productive, not frustrated.

7. Everyone in your office is tired of dealing with paper jams

Your business printer is jammed again? If this seems to happen more and more frequently, stop thinking that this is a normal situation. Business printers can jam once in awhile, but they shouldn’t do it everytime you want to use them.

8. Your business printer doesn’t meet your needs anymore

Maybe your business printer is functioning very well, but simply doesn’t meet your needs anymore. If you would like a higher page yield, or if you need a device that can also copy and send faxes, it’s time to search for a new business printer.