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6 Cute Ideas to Design a Winter Mascot

6 Cute Ideas to Design a Winter Mascot

Mascots are a crucial part of marketing campaigns. The cute characters personalize anything from toilet paper to cola. Each adorable critter is easy to identify with, so they easily create an unforgettable association with the product they are selling.

Company’s use mascots for many events including marketing campaigns, trade shows, promotions, charitable work, meet and greets and holiday celebrations.

Custom mascots can be especially useful during the winter months when companies are clearing their stock to bring in their new spring merchandise. An adorable and relatable critter o help your business stand out in the sea of retail outlets.

1. Bears

Despite their natural nature, there is something wonderful and cuddly about a bear. Whether you choose a brown bear, black bruin or polar bear, they instantly attract the attention of adults and children alike. Bruins are popular characters used to sell anything from toilet paper, food products, and beverages.

2. Penguins

This dapper black and white suited bird is dressed and ready to go to any major corporate promotion or event. While mysterious, these quiet flightless birds are irresistible to customers. Because they live in cold climates, it is easy to associate them with your seasonal campaign.

3. Other Birds

Birds are not just around in the summer, many species are also commonly seen during the winter months too. Flying fowl are magical, colourful critters that endear to people because of their natural beauty and free, soaring spirit. Birdie mascots can sell almost any merchandise, including clothing. There is something endearing seeing the fowl dressed in a toque or warm sweater to help stay toasty during the chilly wintery days.

4. Arctic Fox

The artic fox is a fluffy, adorable character that naturally intrigues consumers. Their big fluffy tails add to the friendly look of this pristine creature. Foxes can be used to sell almost any winter season merchandise.

5. Seals and Seal Pups

Seals are charming, friendly marine animals that are just as entertaining as they are cute. Their animated, playful demeanour invites and welcomes anyone into your store, venue, or promotional place.  Seal mascots can be used to promote a variety of products, services, and charities.

6. Snow Person

When people think of snowmen, Frosty and Olaf are the first to come to mind. Kids love the adorable snow people and can relate to their friendly, loveable natures. Many companies have used snow people and snow animals to promote their product or message during the cold season with great success.

As companies continually compete with a more demanding and versatile market, they must continually develop strategies that will help them stand out from the professional crowd. Mascots are becoming an increasingly popular method of branding a business. Animals and other adorable critters are commonly used to create specialized company characters. They are attractive, friendly, and easily draw people to them. 6 IdToday’s technology and graphics, makes it even easier to design a unique, adorable character that consumers relate to and remember.

The winter season offers a variety of natural, seasonal fur friends and snow made buddies that can be used for numerous promotional campaigns, trade show events, awareness markets, and fundraising festivals.

When planning your product or service promotion, consider using a mascot to help create an unforgettable branding image that will stay with customers long after the season ends.