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5 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

5 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Anyone who has a dog knows just what a huge part of their lives their dogs are. Dogs are our best friends and dog parents tend to do anything for their dogs. These beautiful animals have such an impact on us and unless you have (or had) a dog, it can be hard for others to understand.

A husband may not remember to buy a gift for his wife’s birthday because he just plain forgot, but when it comes to his four-legged buddy, he’ll remember!

Let’s take a look at how you can celebrate your dog’s birthday with some great ideas and make it an unforgettable day, one which the dog will enjoy immensely.

1. Pick A Location

This can be tricky depending on the time of the year. Living in Canada, there are days where the cold can be so bad that no living thing should endure it! It also depends on how many guests there will be and the size of the other dogs. If you happen to have a large yard, this would make a great location but if you live in an apartment, then a dog-friendly park will be good.

2. Food & Drinks

Make sure you have enough water for all the dogs, especially if you own Golden Retriever puppies. As they play, they are going to take regular breaks to drink water. If it happens to be summer, this is even more important. You can bring snacks, but always check with all the owners first. Certain ingredients may upset some dogs and some have sensitive stomachs, so check first. Dogs too can have allergies.

3. How About A Doggy Cake?

You can make or buy your own “cake” but again, make sure to check with other owners first. Ingredients need to be safe. There are loads of dog-friendly cakes and snacks and there are also dog bakeries who specialize in dog-friendly foods.

4. Go Find It!

How about some go find it games? Dog guests will go absolutely nuts! Wherever you decide to hold the party, whether it’s in your house or elsewhere, let the dogs try to find treats by using their noses, something they are good at. Show your dog where you hid a treat and then encourage him or her to find the next one. Dogs are clever and they will get this idea very quickly. They’ll soon use their noses and brains and find the treats!

5. A Cool Pool Party

If you have a pool and the party was in the summer, this will be such a fun way to celebrate your dog’s birthday. If not, you can always try to set up a kiddie pool for the four-legged ‘kiddies’ to play in. There is always a beach or lake where you can hold this as well. Playing and running around will make them tired and they’ll want to cool off in the water.

Even though you may know your friends and their dogs, always supervise and be diligent in this. Let everyone know as well. You want to keep everyone safe. Fights can still break out and you want to step in and intervene. Also, with treats and especially toys, care and supervision is of utmost importance. Dogs will be dogs and swallowing a toy can be a life-threatening situation. Everyone can have a woofing good time, but do make sure to keep one eye open to keep all guests safe.