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4 Shopping Tips to Buy a Motorcycle Helmet

4 Shopping Tips to Buy a Motorcycle Helmet

When you’re buying a motorcycle helmet, you need to know a few things to help you to choose the right one. It may seem like a simple enough task. However, unlike buying most other things, making a mistake could make the difference between life and death. It is an important consideration, so make sure you know what to look for, or take someone with you who does.

Those who are inexperienced may pick a helmet based on how “cool” it looks or because it has a certain colour that resonates with them. These are not something one should even consider, however, more about the colour later. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips to help you make a right and safe decision.

1. Safety Standards

Any helmet you are considering should pass the safety standards and other important requirements. otherwise, please walk on. Do not even consider it if it hasn’t met these requirements. In Ontario, Canada, one or more of the safety standards must be met. If it passes these standards, which may be rigorous, only then can you feel confident. It does mean that the helmet will be more expensive, but when it comes to your safety (and others), cost should not have any influence on your decision. After all, if you are going to get a motorbike worth thousands of dollars, what’s a few more for a good helmet?

2. The Fit

This is arguably the most important part in your decision-making. Take as much time to make sure it has a snug fit. That means, do not place it over your head, remove it after 20 seconds and have your mind made up. If anything, you should take 20 minutes! Apart from being snug, it should be comfortable and this means you have to wear it for a while. Make sure you use the strap as well. If you begin to loosen the strap because it isn’t comfortable, then be careful and don’t buy it yet.

If you loosen it, then you’re not wearing it properly which means you’re not fully protected. Heaven forbid, if you’re involved in a crash and the helmet goes flying off before your eyes, you’re in big trouble! Try nodding your head; if the helmet slips up and down, that’s not going to be very good is it? Same thing for side-to-side movement. There should be ample protection for your cheeks as well. The helmet should also not be uncomfortably tight.

3. The Colour

Do not base your decision on the colour unless it is for a good reason. For example, on the road, you want to be visible and you want to be noticed. For this reason, it would be better to pick a colour based on that criteria. It isn’t about how “cool” it looks. For this reason, black helmets should not be chosen.

4. Usage

Consider how you will use the helmet. Is it for daily use? Is it for occasional use? Perhaps you want to use it for long trips on the weekends or go with a bunch of pals. These considerations will make a difference to the helmet you choose. Some helmets can have built-in communication for those group outings. For long road trips on the weekend, a higher-end helmet will offer better dynamics when it comes to reducing wind noise and increasing comfort levels.

As you can see, buying a motorcycle helmet requires lots of things to think about. It is not that easy a decision, but to make the right (and best) decision based on how it will be used and how secure it is, it is a decision that must be made by taking your time, and lots of it at that.