You know when you meet someone and they just radiate joy? Like, just being in their presence makes you feel stupid happy – you are not really sure why but you can’t stop smiling? That’s the gorgeous spirit that Tara from vegeTARAian has. She’s just one of those gals that’s full of life, excited for the next adventure and wants you to be a part of it.

Tara from vegeTARAian

vegeTARAian is all about veggie recipes, the best veggie eats in Sydney and being compassionate to animals with your eating choices.

One of the things I admire about Tara is her passion for promoting vegetarianism. Don’t worry – she’s anything but preachy or nagging like the bad rap some vegetarians seem to get. I think she’s really fair about valuing the opinion of others and she openly encourages debates on her blog.

vegeTARAian - A moral dilemma

A moral dilemma by vegeTARAian

I have a confession to make, Tara. Until the age of about 18 the only veggies I ate were potatoes, onions and corn. I HATED any other veggies and was a super fussy eater. As a reformed veggie -hater I find Tara’s recipes really easy and simple to make  and truly delicious.

vegeTARAian - Vegan Mushroom Rolls

vegeTARAian – Vegan Mushroom Rolls

vegeTARAian - Mint Peppermint Crisp Pies

vegeTARAian – Mini Peppermint Crisp Pies

Tell us all about you and your blog?
I’m Tara, a happy vego hoping to bust myths about vegetarianism being boring. I have a passion for food and I’m learning my way around the kitchen and enjoying the delicious journey I’m on.

vegeTARAian is a Sydney blog sharing vegetarian experiences, tips and ideas, yummy food, restaurants, recipes, products and of course, lots of photos. Something for everyone!

What is your philosophy on food?
I believe food is a celebration so I really enjoy catching up with family and friends over a meal. It’s true that food is best enjoyed when shared! I love to eat fresh and healthy ‘real’ food, made with care from scratch.

What do you like to cook at home?
I still consider myself a beginner to cookery and I’m learning new things every day. When I’m cooking for one I like to make quick and simple dishes like a vegie stir fry. I also have a sneaky sweet tooth so I love learning to make desserts.

Your favourite restaurants in Sydney, Australia or across the world?
An amazing part of travelling is experiencing different cultures and cuisines. I’ve had some amazing food in places like Japan, Mexico and Malaysia. Picking a favourite eatery is tough – I like supporting some of the excellent new cafes popping up in my area like The Baron, Circa Espresso and Youeni Foodstore.

What are your current food obsession/s?
I’m fascinated by the idea of using a rice cooker to create an entire dish. Who doesn’t love the reduced washing of a one pot meal! I saw it on tv in Japan and I’m keen to explore this on the blog in the coming months.

What is your favourite food memory?
My Ma is a great cook and when I was young on weekends she would often bake beautiful cakes and biscuits. Sometimes after school my sister and I would make a chocolate coconut slice from an old Women’s Weekly cookbook. Still to this day it’s one of my favourites! I made it last year and it brought back so many memories.

Describe your ‘last meal’
Gosh this is a tough one! A lychee martini, agedashi tofu, polenta chips with aioli, steamed greens, grilled mushrooms on thick toast and a slice of the fabulous chocolate and beetroot cake my sister made for Christmas last year. None of that matches as a meal but it’s all very tasty.

The best advice or lesson you have learnt about food, eating or cooking.
Food ALWAYS tastes better when it’s made with love. Be patient, experiment and have fun!

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