One of the best parts of our recent trip to Europe was sampling all of the gelato that Italy has to offer. OK. So maybe it wasn’t all the gelato in the country, but we sure did try our best!

This wasn’t a scientific process. There was any clinical trials, research papers or double-blind secret squirrel business in lab coats. Just a sneaky three-gelato-a-day delicious habit.

The best gelato in Italy

In defence of our waistlines and terrible diet choices, when gelato is roughly about 1.50 euro a serving how could we resist? Also, something needs to cleanse the palette between the pizza, pasta, and other carb-heavy plates.

The best gelato in Italy

We sampled A LOT of gelato (I think I might have stressed that enough), but our favourite among all the fantastic flavours was *drumroll please* GROM.

We first sampled Grom in Siena. Mr Sticky and I were wandering the cobblestone streets on a 36+ degree day and I shrieked with delight when I saw the huge queue of patient Italians waiting outside a gelato store. My experience (read: obsession) with Gelato Messina meant that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that queues equals excellent ice cream.

The best gelato in Italy

I’m happy to tell you that the queue didn’t lie. The gelato was perfect. Mr Sticky had the Nocciola (hazelnut) and I had the Bacio (Venezuelan chocolate with hazelnut chips).

The best gelato in Italy

After one taste we decided we needed to hunt down the Grom store in Florence the next day. We knew it was somewhere kind near the Duomo and we hunted down the back streets until we located our prey. Mr Sticky couldn’t resist the Nocciola and I had the Pistachio which was amazing!

The best gelato in Italy

Things you need to know about Grom:

  • Grom has 30+ locations around Italy, so basically all the major towns, and also around the world in NYC, Paris and Tokyo. 
  • They are celiac friendly and also have a great list on their website of the flavours suitable for all different intolerances and preferences, including gelato free from nuts, dairy, gluten, vegan etc.
  • Grom make seasonal flavours, flavours of the month and lots of specials.
  • The standards are really strict. They want to make the best artisinal gelato they can. According to the Grom website they “only fresh seasonal fruit, coming from the best consortia in Italy and from our farm Mura Mura no colorings or artificial additives, Sparea Spring Water for the sorbets and high-quality whole milk for the creams, organic eggs and a selection of the best cocoas and coffees from central America”.


Siena – Via Banchi di Sopra n. 11/13 - 53100 Siena – Ph. +39 0577 289303

Firenze (Florence) - Via del Campanile angolo via delle Oche - 50012 Firenze – Ph. +39 055.216158