If we go out for ice cream right now, (you’re buying right?), I can guarantee you Mr Sticky will choose Cookies & Cream. Guaranteed.

Oreo Chocolate Cake - thestickyandsweet.com

Mr Sticky has an egg-allergy so his childhood birthday cakes were always ice cream cakes. Yeah sure that’s fun the first few years but after 15+ years… it get’s a little old.

Oreo Chocolate Cake - thestickyandsweet.com

Now that he’s a Mr not a Master his allergy isn’t as severe and he can handle eggs a bit more – as long as it’s a small amount and it’s cooked/baked. Omelette = disaster. Brownies = happy face.

For his birthday I knew he would love if I incorporated Cookies & Cream but without the ice cream. So I made an Oreo Chocolate Cake.

Oreo Chocolate Cake - thestickyandsweet.com

The Chocolate Cake recipe is by Donna Hay. I followed the recipe quite closely but made a few small changes:

  • I double-sifted the plain flour and bicarb together before mixing it with the sugar. I find double-sifting the flour makes it much lighter. 
  • I didn’t sift the cocoa powder because it’s being melted this will remove any lumps.
  • I didn’t use any vanilla essence.
  • I followed Donna Hay’s instructions for the cake and assembly, but skipped over the icing recipe and instructions.

Here’s my recipe for Oreo Cream Cheese Icing.

Oreo Chocolate Cake Cream Cheese icing
Prep time

Cook time

Total time


Recipe for Oreo Cream Cheese Icing. Perfect with Chocolate Cake.
Recipe type: Cake
Serves: 1 cake

  • 1 packet of Oreos
  • 50g butter, softened
  • 500g cream cheese, softened
  • 2½ cups icing sugar
  • 4 packets of mini Oreos (approx 30 mini Oreos)

  1. In a blender, blend 1 packet of Oreos until the resemble fine bread crumbs. You want to make sure there are no large pieces. Put aside until you have made the icing.
  2. Using a hand mixer or bowl-stand mixer, cream the butter until smooth – approximately 2-3 minutes on low. Mix in cream cheese until smooth – approximately 3-4 minutes on medium. Make sure not to overmix.
  3. Add icing sugar in stages and mix until smooth.
  4. Add the Oreo crumbs into the cream cheese icing and mix by hand until evenly distributed.
  5. Use the icing to frost the cake between layers and then all over the cake.
  6. The mini Oreos can be used to decorate the outside of the cake.