Hello, lovely friends of the Internetz!

I have missed you dearly.

For the past few weeks I have put myself on a little blogging break. Sometimes you just need to step back away from the extras in life and concentrate on the immediate needs. I have transitioned into a new day job (*waves to new colleagues*) and also started to focus more on my health and fitness (*waves to my rad new personal trainer*). And sadly all this hard work has left little time for blogging, but don’t worry, I’ve still been enjoying some time out and sweet treats.

Introducing my favourite things from the past few weeks of September and October.

1. Operation: Get Fit! (Affectionately called the Bridesmaid “diet”). 

Sister Sweet is getting hitched – Woohoo! I guess that means I’ll soon have a Bro-in-Law Sweet. They are getting married in Thailand in February 2014 and I am honoured to be Chief Bridesmaid. Sister Sweet let me choose a gorgeous one-shouldered number and it spurred me on to take my fitness up a level. I’m never going to love running, but I will love feeling strong and healthy. It’s not about losing weight or fitting in to the perfect dress. It’s about feeling like you can take on the world.

Miss Sweet Loves - September and October

I’m trying to drink more water and eat consciously. I’m aiming to drink 2L water a day and to help me stay on track I bought the Michelle Bridges water bottle ($13 at Big W). It has little markings telling you how much water to drink by each hourly period over the work day. The first week there was A LOT of bathroom breaks, but my body is slowly adjusting. I have also been buying fruit, cutting it up as soon as it comes home and keeping in the fridge for snack attacks. It’s so much easier to want to grab a fruit snack when you don’t have to get out the chopping board.

Miss Sweet Loves - September and October

2. The most amazing candle I’ve ever seen.

The good people of Air Wick sent me the most amazing candle I have ever seen. Legit. You know I only talk about products that I would recommend to my own Mama Sweet.

I’m pretty sure this candle is part-wizardry, part-day spa.

The Air Wick Multicolour Black Editionglows in a rainbow pattern and I was completely intoxicated watching the gentle transitions between the colours. I didn’t read the instructions when I opened the package (what a daredevil!), so I had no idea that the candle would actually change colours so vividly. I was shocked; like a caveman discovering fire for the first time.

Miss Sweet Loves September

Scented candles are now part of my nightly relaxation ritual and I found this Purple Blackberry Fig scent strangely calming. I would describe it as a sweet, musky fragrance. Not too overpowering to have in a small room or too feminine.

The burn time is about 30 hours so it’s perfect for your nightly bath or a few dinner parties. It’s also in a very pretty glass design that doesn’t look out of place with the little treasures on my living room shelves. Keep your eyes peeled for the candle in shops.

3. Goodbye long hair, hello short new do!

I thought I might get a bit of a trim when I went to the hairdressers. Maybe an inch or so to get rid of the dead ends. I was not expecting a whole new do! He’s an over-enthusiastic hairdresser that never listens. I’m learning to like the short crop but I don’t think I can trust the hairdresser again.
Miss Sweet Loves - September and October

Miss Sweet Loves - September and October

4. Brunching and Lunching with the Girls.

My healthy attitude doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy food. A girl’s gotta eat.

I’ve been meeting up with the Lady Bloggers to enjoy a few feasts. I recommend you try all these dishes, and more!

Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills for fried chicken and peanut butter waffles.

Miss Sweet Loves - September and October

Devon Cafe in Surry Hills for Eggplant Bruschetta and their fresh juices.

Miss Sweet Loves - September and October

Chica Bonita in Manly for veggie fries and watermelon margarita.

Miss Sweet Loves - September and October

5. Mason Jar Lovin’

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this hip new trend called Mason Jars?

Yeah. I know I’m about 10 years late on this one. I finally caved in to the Pinterest love and purchased a dozen pint sized jars from Big W.

I haven’t succumbed to using them for crazy craft projects, yet. I do love them for transporting my breakfast and lunch to work. I’ve been making muesli pots to have for brekkie at my desk – rolled oats or muesli layered with greek yoghurt and honey, dried fruit and nuts, and fresh fruit.

Miss Sweet Loves - September and October


What should I use my Mason Jars for next?