Miss Sweet Loves is another new feature for the sticky and sweet!

It’s a monthly wrap-up on all the things I’ve been loving on this month. Whether that’s new recipes tried in the sticky and sweet kitchen, places we’ve visited, obsessive compulsive watching of TV shows, or you know, cute puppies and stuff.

Miss Sweet Loves for February 2013: 

1. Seasonal obsession – peaches 

Millions of peaches, peaches for me. No seriously. I’ve been eating ALL the peaches I can get my hands on.

I’ve been eating them on top of my morning granola, in sweetened greek yoghurt, ‘drunken’ peaches macerated in bourbon, and as a Peach Crumble Tart.

Peaches -Miss Sweet Loves February 2013

2. Cute attack – Pirate Pug Jack

If dognapping wasn’t a crime, Pirate Pug Jack would be living with me by now. Follow the adventures of this ridiculously cute one-eyed pug on instagram @piratepugjack

Miss Sweet Loves February 2013 - Pirate Pug Jack

Image by Pirate Pug Jack’s humans. 

3. Breaking out the slow cooker – Pulled Chicken 

I’ve been cooking more with the slow cooker and this month I made Claire K Creations’ Slow Cooker Chicken Burritos.

I switched things up and used half the chicken to make sliders on Brasserie Bread mini brioche buns (below), and the half in enchiladas. They were freakin’ delicious and scored me so many brownie points. I wonder how I can cash those in…

Miss Sweet Loves February 2013 - Pulled Chicken Sliders

4. Hair tutorials

I’ve been experimenting with new hairdos and one of my favourite sources of inspiration is Pinterest. There are so many fabulous hair bloggers, but I think one of the best bloggers doing her thang is Kate from The Small Things Blog. Which is why I have pinned everything she has ever done.

Check out my Hair and beauty board for lots of easy step-by-step hair tutorials created by people far more talented than I.

 Miss Sweet Loves February 2013 - Hair Tutorials
5. Saying Hello to Facebook! 

I’ve FINALLY created a Facebook page for the sticky and sweet. I can’t believe it took me so long!

It’s been so lovely to have the support from the interwebz in this new community. Pop on over and say hi.

Miss Sweet Loves February 2013- Facebook