Sometimes the best meals happen by accident. A careless combination of ingredients produces a masterpiece, or in our case the tastiest meal presents itself in the most unlikely of locations.

During our recent trip to Melbourne, we had our hearts (and stomachs) set on trying a particular café in Brunswick. We hopped on the wrong tram, got off a few stops to early and wandered the streets in vain trying to make sense of Google maps “What do you mean its 38 mins walk – it looks like it’s just over there!”.

Tired feet and grumbling tummies forced us to give up the scheduled café and hunt out another option. In frustration we simply took the first decent looking café that we stumbled across. Lucky for us it was Gingerlee.

We were welcomed with open arms by the staff and a delivered the tastiest brunch taken in a very long time.  Mama Sweet and I both ordered the bacon and freerange egg ciabatta roll with tomato chutney.

One bite of the humble roll had me squealing in delight. After my first mouthful, I forgot the English language and was reduced to the teenage girl “OHEMGEEE, THIS IS LIKE THE BESTEST MEAL EVAHHHHHH!!”. After recovering from my initial shock, Mama Sweet and I declared this bacon and egg roll to be the greatest we’d ever had… and we’ve had our fair share.

The beauty of the dish was simply the combination of ingredients. Very crispy bacon layered with egg, freshly baked ciabatta and a sweet tomato chutney with just a hint of chilli kick. The layering of the egg and bacon was truly unique . It looked like after the bacon was suitably crispy on the hotplate, the egg cooks directly on top, so the layered combo can be tucked into the ciabatta roll. A great solution to the typical problem of escaping food falling onto the plate.

At the end of the meal with our bellies full (…and jeans unbuttoned), Mama Sweet and I both felt that we had a new comparison scale for future brunches. The bar has been set very high for future bacon and egg rolls.

Egg and bacon roll on ciabatta – $11

117 Lygon Street, Brunswick Melbourne