How awesome is brunch? It’s the ultimate meal for catching up with friends on a lazy Sunday morning.

Recently, a group of Sydney Food Bloggers decided to meet up (some of us for the first time) and enjoy the breakfast feast at Kazbah in Balmain.

Review of Kazbah in Balmain, Sydney -

Kazbah in Darling Street in Balmain, (the original restaurant), opened in 1998 and since then there has been a dedicated local following. Every weekend there will be patient groups of runners, families and couples waiting to grab the next available table and dive into the ‘taste of Arabia’. The cuisine is a pick and mix of the best of Turkey and the wider Middle East.

Review of Kazbah in Balmain, Sydney -

Our party of eight was seated outside under the warm lamps and we toasted our table-grabbing success with thick turkish coffee (a guaranteed heart-starter) and traditional teas.

Review of Kazbah in Balmain, Sydney - thestickyandsweet.comOur first course consisted of banana porridge with a date compote and stewed rhubarb, warm rice pudding with saffron poached pears and hazelnuts and sweet couscous with dried nuts and fruit, (pictured in order from top to bottom).

I’m not usually a fan of porridge but I got to hand it to Kazbah because they really turned around my opinion. All three were really enjoyable and we had to enforce strict restraint as we knew there were many courses ahead.

Review of Kazbah in Balmain, Sydney -

Our next course was a lamb and pumpkin tagine with spicy Turkish sausage, spinach, roast capsicum, tomato, caramelised onion, feta and eggs.

We’d heard great tales of the lamb tagine’s epicness from Liv from Scoff & Quaff’s Mister. He regaled us with an intimate description of just how much awesomeness we could expect from the tagine, the answer – plenty. He wasn’t messing around. It was pretty great and worth going back for.

Review of Kazbah in Balmain, Sydney -

Review of Kazbah in Balmain, Sydney -

The next two courses was a platter of eggs on a variety of breads and a wooden board of bacon, sausages, hash browns, haloumi and roasted tomatoes.

These two dishes alone would have been enough to satisfy the crowd!

I loved the salty haloumi and the variety of egg styles. I would have been better for our vegetarians if the meats weren’t nestled so closely to the vegetarian-friendly options.

Review of Kazbah in Balmain, Sydney -
After a much-apreciated wait, our bellies were ready to receive two “pancakes”. I say “pancakes” because these were more like cakes cooked in a pan, than the thin doughy pancakes we were all exepecting. Each “pancake was about 2cms thick and had to be cut into wedges like a butter cake.

At this point in the brunch any first meeting politeness illusions of “oh no, I couldn’t possibly eat any more” were dropped by the wayside, buttons were undone and plates were literally licked in a chorus of “Oh god that’s good!!”

Above is a chocolate and raspberry with butterscotch sauce and chocolate fudge ice cream, and below is the strawberry with double cream and maple syrup

Review of Kazbah in Balmain, Sydney -

Kazbah’s Breakfast Feast is only available for groups of eight or more and at $25 per person (not including drinks) it’s fantastic brunch value.

You do have to book to secure a table and I would recommend not making plans for the afternoon – it can take awhile to enjoy that much food and you will be waddling home. Or doing the bay run if you are like a certain, crazy food blogger.


379 Darling St
Balmain, NSW.

Breakfast on weekends only from 8:00am -3:00pm.
See website for lunch and dinner menu and times.

Phone: +61 2 9555 7067