Welcome to a new little feature where I introduce you to some of my favourite foodies and bloggers – The Featured Foodie!

For our first edition, I want you to meet this lovely lady – Swah from Love Swah.

Swah by Love Swah

I met Swah when I had just started exploring blogging (ie. when I thought maybe there is a few more people than just Mama Sweet reading, maybe.) We met at a picnic for Food Bloggers where I was terrified that a) someone would talk to me, b) someone would try the cookies I had made, or c) all of the above. 

The Featured Foodie: Swah from Love Swah

Banoffee Pie with Salted Pretzel Crust and Devilishly Decadent Devil’s Food Cupcakes

I was instantly drawn to her fun personality, pretty clothes (I’m shallow, whatevs) and love of desserts. She’s become a great foodie friend, so you must pop over and say hello! 

The Featured Foodie: Swah from Love Swah

Passionfruit Slice and Raspberry Crème Brûlée

Tell us all about you and your blog?
My name is Swah, I am a baking-mad graphic designer from Sydney. I run Love Swah, a blog dedicated to life’s pleasures – baking, travel and design. I write and photograph dessert recipes, post my travel photos and guides on destinations around the world and share inspiring design work from other designers and myself.

What is your philosophy on food?
Everything in moderation – my father is a nutritionist and instilled this philosophy in me from a young age. If I overindulge over the weekend (which happens a little too often), I make sure I eat a lot of healthy homemade meals to balance it out and do loads of exercise. I am not afraid of butter. I strive to eat ethically and cook using real ingredients – I hate packet mixes and over-processed food.

What do you like to cook at home?
I spend a lot of time making and sampling desserts and eating out, so when I cook at home I try to keep it healthy. Poached chicken with Asian greens, lean steak with mushroom sauce and vege or beef noodle soup. I am also hopelessly obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches when feeling under the weather.

Your favourite restaurants in Sydney, Australia or across the world?
For brunch I love Orto, for blow-my-mind spicey food I love Spice I Am, for the best pizza in Sydney I love Lucios and for casual dining with great drinks I love any of the Drink n Dine venues.

What is your current food obsession/s?
I am hopelessly obsessed with adding coconut to my desserts at the moment (I think it has appeared in 4 out of my 5 past recipes!) And after returning from a trip to Vietnam I can’t stop drinking cà phê đá – Vietnamese iced coffee.

What is your favourite food memory?
Ordering food in a little remote Japanese restaurant was a great experience. They spoke no English, we spoke limited Japanese. After lots of arm flailing and charades, we were bought course after course of amazing Japanese “mystery food”. It tasted mind-blowing despite not knowing what half of it was!

Describe your ‘last meal’. If you were on death row and you had one final meal what would you eat and drink.
A bottle of Moet, crispy pork hock, pink lady apple kimchi and 5 flavour sauce from Ms Gs and finished off with a white chocolate sandwich with dulce de leche from 4Fourteen. Or basically anything my Mum or Dad makes, they are both amazing cooks.

The best advice or lesson you have learnt about food, eating or cooking.
A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand. Kidding, kidding. Be passionate about what you source, eat and cook. Be respectful of the ingredients you use and the animal it came from. Food is such a source of joy – make it an important part of your life.

Want to stay in touch with Swah? I don’t blame you! You can find her over here:

Instagram: @loveswah
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/loveswah
Twitter: @loveswah
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/loveswah