It has been a little quiet over at the sticky and sweet for the past few weeks but we’ve still been very busy!

There has a been an amazing trip to England and New York City for Christmas and New Year, I started a dream job and WE GOT ENGAGED!

My avid Instagram stalkers would think this is old news but I wanted to briefly share our engagement news here too.

Mr Sticky asked me to spend the rest of our lives together during a romantic carriage ride through Central Park in New York on Christmas Day. And I was honoured to say yes.

the sticky and sweet engaged

The Sticky family were celebrating Christmas in NYC together and we thought it would be fun to have carriage ride together before Christmas lunch. Mr Sticky was very insistent that we share a carriage with no third wheels (sorry Cousin Sticky!).

After a few short minutes of me snapping photos and oohing and ahhing at the beautiful scenery, Mr Sticky popped the big question much to my surprise. I had hoped one day we would be engaged but never dreamed it would be at that very moment.

We spent the rest of the carriage ride huddled under a blanket with giddy smiles trying our best to ignore the driver who was unhelpfully pointing out passing landmarks. Gee thanks, Driver!

the sticky and sweet engaged

We haven’t made any wedding plans yet or even thought about setting a date. For now we are just enjoying the ‘engagement bliss’. We have started to think about engagement parties and investigating potential engagement ring options. The planning will come with time and we both agree the cake tasting will definitely be our favourite part.

the sticky and sweet engaged

It was a magical place to become engaged and New York will always be our ‘special place’. Every Christmas day I will think back to that gorgeous scenery where I made the best decision of my life.

Thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes over social media. Lots of love, Mr Sticky and soon-to-be-Mrs Sticky xx