Never get between food bloggers and delectable desserts. We have sharp forks and we aren’t afraid to use them!

Before Eat Drink Blog 2012, a group of lovely ladies and some of my favourite food bloggers met up in Adelaide to try one of the newest dessert bars in Adelaide – Astonish Patisserie.

We had already stalked the venue via Urban Spoon so we knew we were in for a delicous time.

Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide -

I didn’t actually take many photos of the interior of Astonish Patisserie, but do you really mind? The only interior photo I took was of the doorstop – a good use for an empty champagne bottle.

Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide -

How about I just show you the dessert goodness to make up for it. OK?

We sensibly chose to share the dishes – maximising our chance of plunging into a dessert sugar coma.

Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide -

Half Cooked Cheesecake $15.00
Biscuit crumbs, Candied Orange and Seasonal Fruit.

I thought this dessert was an interesting take on the classic cheescake. I really liked the pot presentation and it made it very easy to share. I think I should add these little pots to my Christmas list!

Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide -

 Pavlova $12.00
With strawberries and vanilla chantilly.

Who doesn’t love pavlova? It’s “un-Australian”! This was a very elegant pav, but all the classic elements were there. It was certainly a crowd favourite. 

Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide -

Seasonal Sweet Pizza $12.00
Fruit in season, hand crafted puff pastry, creme patisserie and balsamic ice cream. 

I didn’t manage to try this dessert but the balsamic ice cream certainly had the table talking. It looked like an unusual combination with the cheese, a little more savoury than sweet.

Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide -

Chocolate Magma $14.00
Belgium chocolate soft cake with vanilla chantilly.

Oh how this baby oozed. I love when you cut into a cake and the chocolate lava flows out of the cake. Gorgeous!

Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide -

 Macarons, assorted flavours approximately $3.oo (I can’t recall exact price).

The staff at Astonish Patisserie very kindly gave us some assorted macarons to share. There were lots of flavours including strawberries and cream, pistachio and salted caramel.

These weren’t my favourite macarons – the flavours weren’t spot on and texture wasn’t quite right.

I think Zumbo’s macarons might have spoiled me!

Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide -

Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide -

Pana Fire – $18.00
Vanilla pana cotta, rhubarb jelly, pistachio bombe alaska and brandy snap.

This was the stand-out dish of them all! I loved the theatrical element of the flambé - a big thank you to the pastry chef who patiently waited for our snapping DSLRs to finish before blowing out the flame.

The Pana Fire was the perfect combination of sticky and sweet, crunchy and smooth, classic yet inventive. It was a pretty special dish.

I had read a few less than favourable reviews on Urban Spoon about this dish, but for me the combination was vey well balanced. The bombe alaska was evenly flambéed and the pistachio was very subtle, the pana cotta was glossy, and the brandy snap gave it the extra crunch that it needed to provide a compliment to the other more smooth elements.

Astonish Patisserie, Adelaide -

The aftermath!

Astonish Patisserie

393 King William street, Adelaide, SA.
Phone: 08 8123 4646, 0416896909
Open Tuesday – Sunday from 3:30pm  till late.