Adriano Zumbo is the King of Macarons, or should I say ‘Zumbarons’.

Adriano Zumbo macarons
First, Adriano Zumbo acquired Sydney, then Australia and I’m pretty sure that soon world domination as the Macaron King will follow.  It’s only a matter of time.

Adriano Zumbo macarons

I am fortunate enough to live only a hop, skip and a jump from his Zumbo Lab Cafe.  I often have a serious talking-to my stomach, so that I don’t press my nose up against the glass and drool like a puppy outside a butcher. I’m ALL class.

Adriano Zumbo macarons

This delightful pack of Classic Macarons ($14) was purchased from the pop-up exhibition at Taste of Sydney 2012. It was promptly devoured by myself and Nessii as we debated the subtle notes of each flavour. [Read: Stuffed our face with macarons!]

Adriano Zumbo macarons

The flavours included: Salted butter caramel, Fingerbun, Annunziata chocolate, Milo, Vanilla and Cola.

How could we choose just one to try? Well, we didn’t! Each macaron was cut in half and politely shared.

Adriano Zumbo macarons

All Adriano Zumbo Macarons are expertly made with perfect feet, a crispy shell that breaks away into a soft textured macaron, and a gooey lovely ganache filling.

My favourite was the Fingerbun Macaron as it tasted exactly as its namesake. For reals.

The flavour is 100% fingerbun with the soft, squishy sultanas hiding in the middle. Perfection.

Adriano Zumbo macarons

The Cola macaron was the most unusual flavour, although certainly not unusual in taste. It was definitely a suprising runner up as favourite.

Zumbo has got the sugar, popping soft drink taste wrapped inside the macaron shell.  The hidden joy inside is  the pop-rock ganache. It’s mindbendingly delightful.


You can purchase all of Adriano Zumbo creations at his 4 stores – Rozelle, Balmain, Manly and The Star.